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Later...[Oct. 31st, 2008|02:23 am]

Okay, so I'm really tired right now, but I promise I'll do Teh Love meme this...morning-ish. I want to give it the proper consideration. I've been tagged by [info]jule1122, and by [info]not_yet_defined because I'm "far too quiet," and I'll get to it. When I've had more sleep. :D

Quick me update: working on debunking this monstrosity my aunt sent me.

Obama's coming back to Jax! I'm hoping it'll be a public event, because I'll go again, and this time I'll take my camera.

Know how I live in Georgia, the supposedly Republican state? Happily, I've seen more Obama, Gillespie and Martin signs than McCain, Kingston, and Chambliss signs. And Kelvin Blue has peppered the whole damn county with his signs. Someone else has put up some similar-looking signs saying something about stress, but every time I see dark blue lettering on a white sign, I think of Mr. Blue. Then there's Mr. Myers, running to be county coroner. He actually got himself a billboard on our version of Main Street, which is Hwy 40 East.

I voted Wednesday! Obama for prez, Jim Martin for Senate (GA), Gillespie for State Rep (GA-01), Myers, and Blue for tax commissioner. Turning Georgia blue, one vote at a time.
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