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"Aerial striptease" has got to be the best phrase ever. [Jun. 28th, 2008|12:55 am]
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[User Picture]From: [info]kata_ny
2008-06-28 03:47 am (UTC)


i wax was Michael in season one
when he and Brian went to the bank b/c david didn`t cash his cheques.and the bank assistant told him if he opens a whatever acccounts he will get a ican`trememberwhat but his answers was:no thanx.i wax.

{{hugs the genious}}
[User Picture]From: [info]aramina
2008-06-28 12:55 pm (UTC)


Yes! Thank you. I spent forever trying to think of where it was from, and I could almost see Michael saying that and turning to the side, like he was looking at someone (Brian) impatiently. I could not for the life of me think why Michael would be saying that, though, because I KNEW no one had said anything about shaving, and anyway that would be a little weird...

"If you open a money market account with us today you'll get a free certificate for laser-hair removal" makes so much more sense. ^_^

*hugs you back*